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Countdown to Christmas Cyber Security Tip #10


We’ve got our data back. Is there any further threat?

Even if you can recover your data (and within your RTO), sadly the criminal threat doesn’t stop there.

Cyber criminals are now finding new ways to make money. They are uploading stolen data to sites such as Pastebin and threatening to release it to the world if ransom demands aren’t met.

For some companies, with no trade secrets, they may not care. But what about personnel records?

The implications of this can be costly for both individuals affected, and businesses. Under the new GDPR legislation, you would have to report such a breach to the Information Commissioners Office.

Prevention really is better than cure, so ….

• Don’t plug in devices you don’t know.
• Don’t connect to Public Wi-fi if at all possible.
• Don’t open email attachments unless necessary.
• Don’t follow unrecognised links.
• Don’t use work computers for personal reasons.

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