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Countdown to Christmas Cyber Security Tip #14


Should I connect to Public Wi-Fi?

Coffee shops, hotels and libraries have been offering free Wi-Fi for years. But should you connect to Public Wi-Fi?

Ideally no.

Public Wi-Fi is classified as any Wi-Fi connection not owned by you or your employer. ‘So what!’ I hear you say. ‘McDonalds doesn’t want to steal my Facebook logon details, and Starbucks doesn’t want the Christmas list I just e-mailed Santa’.

Whilst you are more than likely correct, there are Cyber Criminals that do want this information, and Public Wi-Fi is one of the easiest ways of stealing it.

If you must connect via Public Wi-Fi, follow these tips for a safer experience.

  1. Confirm the name of the connection

It is very easy for someone to create a Wi-Fi hotspot, and record the data as you browse the web.

  1. Forget the network

One of the ways criminals take advantage of human nature, is to set up a “Starbucks” Wi-Fi in the middle of the coffee shop. Phones and laptops that have previously been connected to “Starbucks” will automatically connect to the Fake Wi-Fi, potentially without you noticing.

  1. Keep it short

If you do need to use public Wi-Fi, do what is required and then disconnect.

  1. Keep it secure

If possible, utilise your corporate VPN to ensure all traffic is secure.


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