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Countdown to Christmas Cyber Security Tip #16


Don’t be too sociable! 

Social media is now part of most of our lives in some way, but how much information are you sharing and do you understand what is and isn’t public? 

Cyber criminals are using social media more and more to gather information about individuals that they want to target. If your accounts are not locked down, innocent updates about holidays or your children can be seen by voyeurs looking to piece together details about your life that they can then use against you. 

Real life examples have occurred where criminals have found employees of businesses they want to target via Linked in. They then used the likes of Facebook and Instagram to gather more personal details regarding their families and friends, using it to gain classified business information and extort money. It sounds far fetched or from the script of a Hollywood movie, but sadly it isn’t as rare as you would hope. 

So what can you do? 

  • Take the time to understand the privacy settings for Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc 
  • Opt for private or ‘Friends Only’ etc where possible. 
  • Be careful who you accept as a friend or follower. 
  • Review your settings regularly.
  • Be careful what information you share, especially that regarding being away or specific details about your family.

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