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Countdown to Christmas Cyber Security Tip #4


How can you manage all of your passwords?


So you know it’s important to use a strong password and not re-use it, but remembering several different passwords can be tricky.

So how can you manage all of them?

Using a Password Manager can help keep a record of all your passwords in one place securely.

No more writing them down in a pad kept in the desk drawer, or saved in a word document!

[custom_frame_right shadow=”off”]Hand written password log books are not a secure way to store passwords.[/custom_frame_right]

Password Managers are software tools that store passwords alongside the relevant account details. The information is encrypted and the only way to access it is via one master password that only you should have. The master password should be super strong and you simply need to follow password best practice to ensure you keep it safe.

When you access sites, the password manager will automatically fill in the required password making it straightforward to surf the web securely.

One of the most popular Password Managers is Lastpass and works very well for many people we know. It costs about $24 per year for the Premium version and will allow you to sync passwords throughout all your devices.

Lastpass is trusted by many leading security experts. It’s not perfect. Nothing is, but it’s certainly better than post it notes, desk pads, unsecure word documents and other funny ways we’ve all kept passwords ‘safe’ over the years!

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