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Countdown to Christmas Cyber Security Tip #8


”It’s only large businesses that Cyber Criminals are interested in”

Sadly this isn’t true. SME’s are targeted everyday with Cyber Attacks as they are perceived as an easier target.

Often security is lower due to limited budgets and security training is overlooked. Another reason, is that smaller businesses are often seen as an easy win.

Cyber criminals count on the fact that they won’t have a sufficient Disaster Recovery Plan in place to restore their data prior to an attack.

If the business has been ground to a halt, there is little choice but to pay the ransom. Targeting large numbers of SME’s that then pay out can be a far more lucrative deal than trying to target one big organisation.

So how can you be more vigilant?
  • Make sure everyone has Cyber security training and knows what to look out for.
  • Don’t open attachments you don’t recognise.
  • Report anything suspicious.
  • Make sure there is a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan in place in case the worst happens.

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