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Countdown to Christmas Cyber Security Tip #2


Why you shouldn’t share passwords with your colleagues.

Passwords can be perceived as a daily annoyance, especially having to have so many different ones.
This can be especially irritating at work and it can be tempting to forgo security measures, and share passwords to allow colleagues to access your system, especially at times when you’re off sick or on holiday. Here we discuss why you shouldn’t share passwords with your colleagues.

This is never advisable as it leaves your system open to a security breach. It doesn’t matter how much you trust your colleague, you don’t know who else has overheard your plans, where the shared password has been recorded, and who else could gain unauthorised access.

Key reasons

• It makes a mockery of a business’s security strategy.
• It creates an opportunity for a breach of critical data.
• This practice will prevent businesses from achieving accreditations like Cyber Essentials.
• It could impact you personally in terms of disciplinary action.
• There are quick, easy and secure alternatives.

What’s the alternative?

So if you need a colleague to have access to you emails and or files, and you have the correct authorisation, speak to us and we can find the most appropriate solution;

• Either your mailbox can be forwarded to a different mailbox allowing any new mail received to be viewed by that different person.
• Alternatively, a user can be given access to your mailbox while you’re away.
• With regards to files, your businesses permissions policy can be amended for the files in question for a chosen time period.

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