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Small employee benefits that can make a big difference

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Small employee benefits that can make a BIG difference

It’s often assumed that employee benefits lay only in the realms of the large corporates.  However, we’ve found there’s so much a smaller business can do to help a team feel engaged, valued and rewarded.

From the beginning, Managing Director Steven, looked for ways to add tangible value. Part of his aim was to attract and retain quality engineering and administrative staff. Over the years, the selection of benefits have been refined and there is now a list of perks readily accepted and enjoyed by the team.[custom_frame_right]blog_small[/custom_frame_right]

The why’s are fairly obvious, well to us anyway. We know that there’s more to feeling valued than just giving people ‘stuff’ but we have found offering tangible employee benefits that make a difference to their day and lives has an amazing impact on team morale and retention.

The IT environment at times can be stressful. Our team on the support desk are dedicated. Totally committed problem solvers with a desire to help. But in this business of ‘fixing’ they are occasionally met with the kind of issue that requires deeper thinking, analysis and more of a frustrating ‘banging head on the table’ approach!

Incidents like a cyber attack on a client’s system is a serious business and often requires a full disaster recovery response. Our team take the stress, worry and panic away by implementing a calm, controlled resolution plan to get them back up and running. Yes, it’s their job to do so, but it’s also our job to help our teams deal with the highs and lows of their roles and some of the benefits we offer go a long way to doing this.

So, what can you offer?

[pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”]“The benefits offered only help to enforce that feeling as well as demonstrate how integral and valued we all are to the CCS team.” Says Henry[/pullquote]

Well, there’s the standard ones like annual leave, childcare vouchers, pension etc but the ones that really get the team hyped, are the social occasions and the various opportunities for eating! We have a tuck shop stocked with chocolate and savoury favourites, as well as a breakfast bar offering their choice of cereals, toast and fruit. We also spontaneously declare ‘lunch is on us’ days but the all-time favourite are the well-being days. Once a month the wonderful ‘Helen’ arrives to offer sports massages, reflexology, even a bit of Indian Head Massage and there’s a race to book a slot!

[custom_frame_right=”on”]Fresh fruitCereal[/custom_frame_right]

[pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”]Greg says ‘‘The benefits here allow for a nicer working environment, having breakfast makes me feel less rushed in the morning and I feel that I can arrive with a better frame of mind”[/pullquote]







In addition, everyone has their birthday off if it falls on a work day which is very popular, because, let’s face it, no one wants to work on their birthday! [custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]birthday_cake[/custom_frame_left]

Every now and again we speak to the team to get their feedback on the benefits. It’s important to keep what we offer fresh, and ensure that they are still valued. Checking in with them gives us the opportunity to replace any that are no longer useful with something better.

So while we may not be in a position to provide everyone with a new car every 6 months, we have certainly seen the difference in how a number of small, well thought out benefits can make a big difference to the spirit and wellbeing of a team.


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