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How to get great results from your staff in 2021 – despite WFH

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The answer’s to trust your team more, not less… 

I’ve noticed a trend recently; in fact, you all have probably noticed it. A lot more people are Working From Home (WFH) even now when the restrictions have loosened a little. But business owners want to know what their employees are doing. 

That means every key that an employee presses, mouse button they click and website they visit can be monitored 

There are a number of software solutions already available to do this. Some can work secretly in the background; while others let staff know they’re being monitored. Typically they take regular screenshots as people work. 

I believe that as Work From Home continues in a big way into 2021 and beyond, some businesses will want this insight. 

But based on my experience working with lots and lots of local businesses, I think it’s better to trust your staff more, not demonstrate you trust them less by monitoring them. 

This is a better way to help your staff who can’t be in the office

My advice to clients is normally to give their team the very latest software for: 

  • Better productivity 
  • Better collaboration, and 
  • Better communication 

 So you proactively make their jobs easier, rather than virtually stand watching over their shoulder. 

Next month we are going to be producing a downloadable guide that goes into productivity in a lot more detail, from tips and tricks to specific tools to motivate and engage your workforce.  

As most people want to do a great job, and appreciate these are tough times.  

I find that if you trust people and give them the right tools to do their work, they reward you with greater loyalty and getting more of the right things done. 

Adopting this idea into your business plan for 2021 is key, IT and digital transformation will drive this forward. We will be releasing a guide for the 5 key IT areas to address in 2021 to push your business and employees forward.  

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