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Why the humans in your business might be your biggest risk

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Are your team cybersecurity awareness trained? If not, they may be your biggest risk.

Is cybersecurity training really needed?

Imagine this…

You have built a a fortress. You’ve put all the defences in place. But the guard on the door lets someone walk straight through the front door by flashing a fake ID. This isn no longer a tech problem. This is a staff training problem.

This is why your people are the biggest cyber security risk in your business and why cybersecurity training is really needed.

There have been countless studies which show that human error is behind a large majority of successful cyber attacks.

Do your team know what to look out for? Do they know the warning signs of a security breach and what to do when they recognise an attack?

Creating a solid cybersecurity strategy means tackling some crucial questions:

  • How much knowledge does the people in your business have around security?
  • What are the most significant risks to your business?
  • How can you create a training plan for your business?
  • And, perhaps most importantly, how will you know if your training has been effective?

Our free guide tells you all you need to know about cybersecurity training and how you can another layer of protection to your business through training and awareness within your teams.

How do you create a training strategy for an entire business?

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