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IT Support contract vs Break/Fix? Which should you opt for?

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Brochure with the title 'Why you're better in a contract with your IT company'.

When it comes to fixing IT issues in your business, having someone on your side to help can be a game changer.

But do you need a IT support contract or should you just pay when you need the help?

IT issues. They can be as frustrating as a computer that refuses to connect with something, through to something more sinister with suspected malware or a data breach.

Whatever it is, it will interrupt your day and can result in downtime for both yourself and your team.

A break/fix relationship with your IT provider is when you only call them when there’s a problem. That means unexpected costs, lots of waiting, and even more stress than you’re already feeling in that moment.

Having a contract with your IT support partner means that your business will take priority, the issue becomes easier to fix (because your partner knows everything about your business), and there are no additional costs.

Often you won’t have even known there was a problem as your IT provider will have been proactively monitoring your IT and the issue may have been spotted and fixed before it affected anyone.

If you’re looking at whether an IT support contract is for you, then read our guide.

If you would like the peace of mind that all of your IT is running smoothly without the dread of additional costs not budgeted for, an IT Support contract might be the way to go.

Want to explore the benefits an IT Support contract can bring? Get in touch.

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