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Updates are coming to Windows 11

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Windows 11 is about to get even more features to help us save more time and be more productive. It’s like they’re constantly surprising us!

Are you ready for a major upgrade to your favourite tools included with the operating system? Here are some of the latest updates.

Text Actions

Let’s delve into the Snipping Tool. What has been our go-to for ages has had an upgrade with a new feature called ‘Text Actions’. A new text capture and recognition capability, you can now just copy and paste text from a screenshot. No need for time sucking manual transcription from images anymore.

Quick Redact

And it doesn’t stop there. The introduction of ‘Quick Redact’ is a noteworthy feature, letting you hide sensitive information right in the screenshot. No more awkwardly scribbling over confidential areas of screenshots with a digital marker.

Easy Syncing

Oh, and get this – your Android devices and PC are going to be BFFs with Windows 11’s Phone Link feature. Syncing will be so much easier.

Photos App

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Microsoft goes ahead and adds a new Background Blur option, thanks to feedback from the community. Want your subject to stand out from the background? No problem. You can even control how blurry the background is or choose specific areas to blur.

Content Search

The ‘Content Search’ feature for photos backed up on OneDrive is a total game-changer. Ever wanted to search for a photo based on what’s in it? Well, Microsoft’s got your back! They’ll scan and tag your photos with searchable keywords. And guess what? You can also search photos based on location, whether they’re in local files, OneDrive, and even Apple’s iCloud, ensuring no one’s left out.

We know that some people are disappointed with the changes to the Windows 10 Photos app, particularly the removal of the Video Editor feature. But there’s hope! Microsoft’s hinting that “Edit and Create Video options are now easily accessible at the top of the gallery view.” Fingers crossed we get some video editing features returning soon.

As we wait for these updates, it’s clear that Microsoft is working hard to make our lives easier. We’re excited, and as a business owner, you should be too. Who doesn’t love a good upgrade?

If you’re ready to dive into Windows 11 or need help bringing its productivity features to your team, reach out to us. We’ve got your back!

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