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IT Solutions

IT Support from CCS provides you with more reliable performance and more predictable expenses. Meaning you get more value from the technology you’ve already invested in, while reducing the total costs of IT problems and the resulting downtime.

When something goes wrong with your IT, everything grinds to a halt.
Not with us.

With IT Support from CCS, you won’t have to worry about what happens when there’s a problem with your technology, because we’ll be on call to ensure things are always running smoothly. That means you can minimise downtime and better predict your IT expenses.

CCS offers a wide range or support services, all geared to support YOUR business in the way that YOU work. 

Peace of mind
Knowing your technology A-team is at the ready

Less downtime
We identify & fix issues before they affect your business

Fewer disruptions
We provide services quickly to get you back on track

Predictable budgeting
From one company you can trust

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Thinking about switching IT support companies?

Here's some reading for you before you decide on one of the most critical partnerships your business will ever make.

Thinking about switching IT support companies?

Here’s some reading for you before you decide on one of the most critical partnerships your business will ever make.

Active IT

Active is the first of our fully featured support contracts, allowing you the customer the freedom to get on with your business while safe in the knowledge that your IT is well looked after.

Unlimited Support Calls

Our Active IT product also comes with unlimited support calls, allowing you or your staff to log calls safe in the knowledge that irrespective of time spent you will pay the same amount every month.

Proactive Maintance and Monitoring

Pro-Active maintenance of your network is important to the smooth running of the business, which is why every customer that signs up for Active IT receives a minimum of 6 hours of proactive maintenance per server per month, This combined with our monitoring solution means that down time is kept to an absolute minimum.

But we don’t stop with monitoring your server(s), included in the contract is full monitoring and maintenance of your workstations as well.

Asset tracking

All hardware can also be included with our asset tracking service, allowing us to see exactly what hardware is currently in use.

Disaster Recovery Protection

All servers are eligible for our disaster recovery solution, many SMEs and even some large companies do not plan for a disaster. With complete IT your Servers are covered, we will attend site once per quarter and take a full image of your servers which are then stored in the same way as your online backups. If the worst should happen we hand deliver a server back to you, with the latest back restored and ready to run.

Antivirus as Standard

All Workstations and Servers receive industry recognised Antivirus protection. Desktops, Laptops, File Servers and E-mail are all covered with this solution. Giving you complete piece of mind, coupled with our proactive monitoring and updating schedule we ensure all hardware is protected 24×7.

Complete IT

Some companies prefer an “all in one” solution, Complete IT is our answer to this. As well as ALL the benefits of Active IT, Complete IT customers receive the following:

Email Archiving as standard

Never lose that important e-mail again all inbound and outbound e-mail is archived securely offsite for a period of 1 year, all accessible with an easy to use Web interface.

Secure Backups

Never worry about your backup solution, its included and best of all you never need to worry about changing a tape again. All Complete IT customers receive unlimited online backups, backup as much data as you want. We will then hold this data securely of site, not only that but all your data will be replicated to another location to ensure that even in a worst case scenario we have access to your data as quickly as possible.

This what you can expect with IT Support from CCS:


Flexibility is an important part of your business and to reflect this we offer 1, 6 and 12 month contracts, allowing customers to “try” our service before committing to a long term contract. Customers that decide to sign up for longer contracts receive a discount on their total support contract.


We also believe in transparency which is why every customer that uses our monitoring service first of all receives Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports on the health of the system. As well as access to the monitoring system itself, so if you wish you can check everything from the state of your network, to the amount of machines on your network that have certain applications installed.


All Support contracts also give you access to discounted project rates, hardware and online backups. We also offer discounts on our support contracts if you sign up for 6 or 12 months.

6 Months: 3% Discount on your support contract

12 Months: 5% Discount on your support contract

What our clients say


Mathew Fleming

Something that could have had a major impact on how we operate was resolved in 5 minutes. One less headache to worry about, thanks.

John Lambeth

Super quick and very responsive to the problem; security being as important as it is I was extremely impressed with their diligent and knowledgable approach. Thanks, much appreciated.

Clare Tector

Really appreciate you taking the time to properly investigate and share advice. Thank you.

Looking for something else?

The above contract solutions which offer full featured support are the most popular with our clients.

If however you’re looking for support on a response basis we offer the below options. 

Pay As You Go

As simple as this ever present name suggests, you can raise queries when required we will then resolve these either via the telephone, remotely or with an on-site visit. We do not charge for call outs simply for the time we spend resolving the issues.

Response IT

This is what we like to think of as a middle ground between a full support contract and a PAYG service, customers signing up to our Response service benefit from our Spam protection service and Discounted PAYG rates.

Not sure what IT support you need?

Book a call with Steve to have a chat about your IT requirements and how you can grow your business by investing in the right solutions.

Choose the best date for you. This call is to learn more about your business and what is currently giving you a headache or holding you back. We’ll then be able to give you recommendations on how you can become more capable, efficient and profitable by implementing technology.